Things To Consider Before Having A Trip With The Best Fast Boat To Nusa Penida

The Best Fast Boat To Nusa Penida

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Nusa Penida is in the south of the island of Bali. This small island is interesting for domestic and foreign tourists. To reach the beautiful island, tourists must use a boat. The tourist will depart to Nusa Penida island from a port on Sanur Beach. Here are some things to consider when renting the best fast boat to Nusa Penida.


1. Departure Hours

Boat departure times are not always available every hour. Through an online portal, tourists can find out when the ship departs. After knowing the choice of hours to go to Nusa Penida, set a schedule to visit the desired tourist destination.

This is very important because if the departure time is too late, tourists must stay in the Nusa Penida area. There are also several resorts or hotels that can be booked. Prepare a plan well, because Nusa Penida has not been facilitated like the island of Bali which seems like never sleep.


2. Compare Prices

Price comparisons of one boat agent with another may be different. So before deciding to choose the boat to be ridden, make sure the price obtained is comparable to the facilities offered. Tourists can check the price and schedule of boats through the official tour and travel website.

Or contact directly the telephone number of the Nusa Penida tour agent. The price usually charged to tourists ranges from 100 to 300 thousand rupiahs. Depending on the number of passengers who boarded and the type of boat used. It would be better to ask the tour agent directly so that the information is more accurate and detailed.


3. Select a One Way Ticket Or Round Trip

Some agents provide a choice of services for one-way and round-trip. If tourists want to explore Nusa Penida freely, then buy a ticket to go. For return tickets, tourists can buy from the port at Nusa Penida. Even if needed tourists can stay at several resorts in the Nusa Penida area. In order to be able to explore the island freely.

For round-trip tickets, tourists can leave at any time and buy tickets to return to Bali. For example, departing from Sanur at half past eight in the morning, and planning to go home at half past 4 in the afternoon. Tickets can be obtained immediately when leaving. So when it’s time to go home, tourists only need to wait for the ship on the dock without having to queue up for more tickets.


4. Ship Name

There are several ships used to cross to the island of Nusa Penida. Tourists must be able to distinguish one ship from another. Because each ship is set to depart at different hours in order to accommodate many people with different departure times.

When buying a ticket, which ship has to be boarded when you go home or leave. To find the best price of the ticket before boarding the best fast boat to Nusa Penida provided by the agent.


5. Needs During the Trip

The trip to Nusa Penida by boat does only take 30 to 40 minutes. But for passengers of the best fast boat to Nusa Penida who bring children or babies must prepare their individual needs. Because on the boat there is not necessarily a food or beverage seller.

In addition, those who have just boarded a boat can also experience seasickness, so it’s best to bring drugs to prevent unwanted things. Then another important thing is sunblock. This lotion prevents the skin from the blazing sun. The ocean makes the sun feel more hot and stinging. So, using sunblock is a must for all tourist.

These five things can make the tourists travel to Nusa Penida easier. By paying attention to this, the best fast boat to Nusa Penida will make tourist trips safe and comfortable.


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