Unique Facts About Smoke Beach Nusa Penida

Smoke Beach Nusa Penida

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Searching a completely worthy place to spend your holiday? You don’t need to browse anymore. You’ve taken the right choice by clicking this article. Have you ever come to Smoke Beach Nusa Penida in your life? It does not popular (or it hasn’t) like Sanur or Kuta beach, indeed. Nevertheless, the combination of beauty, uniqueness, and serenity suits anyone who likes to trip intimately. However, what unique things about this place? Just read on.

Where The “Smoke” Meets The Water

Probably you’re curious, why does this beach is named after the “smoke”? In Smoke Beach Nusa Penida, you can see unique scenery of waves hit the rough cliffs. The hit is so ferocious it makes a rumbling voice. Once the waves break onto the cliff, it will splash millions of water upwards. Make it looks like a spray of beautiful white smoke. It is also the reason why local people call it “Pantai Andus”. Andus in Bali language means the smoke.

You can always take the picture with the wave smokes. However, you must be careful when stepping the cliff. Besides the surface is rough, it is also slippery. Make sure you use sandals or shoes when you climb on the cliffs.

Has Very Beautiful Views

Alongside with the smoke scenery, the circumstance of Smoke Beach Nusa Penida is nice for traveling. Moreover, it’s even better than other common beaches. Despite seeing the spreads of the white sand, you will see beautiful green land surrounds with the trees. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy the glorious cliffs from afar. When you have bored strolling on, you can swim on the sea that has not been shattered by pollution.

In short, Smoke Beach is one of the best beaches for travelers and photographers to visit. With the absence of crowded people, taking photos at this place will surely satisfy you.

Close With Other Tour Spots

When you come to Smoke Beach Nusa Penida, you can also reach other spots just by walking. Seriously. In fact, Smoke Beach is close with tour spots like Pasih Uug Beach, Angel’s Billabong, and Pura Paluang. To reach Pasir Uug, you just need to walk 15 minutes. However, to reach other spots, you just need 20 minutes on average. Sounds cool, right?

The habitat of Rare Marine Animals

You probably ever heard that Nusa Penida is a station for some rare sea animals. It’s not a myth. In fact, Nusa Penida is a home for Mola – Mola and rare species of Pari fish. When you stand on the cliff at Smoke Beach, you can see some gigantic Pari swimming under the water. When you decide to swim, you might find a rare chance to swim with the rare fish.

Quiet and Clean

I’ve said that you can see through the water at Smoke Beach Nusa Penida. What I want to say is that the sea is very clean so you can see through it. There’s no alga nor seaweed spreads on the water’s surface. Besides, not many people know about the beach so you would hardly find any rubbish at it.

That is all the unique facts about Smoke Beach Nusa Penida. Don’t wait any longer. Pack your stuff right now and see the beautiful corner of Nusa Penida – that is the Smoke Beach.


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