Finding Cool Stuff With Exploring Diamond Beach Nusa Penida

Diamond Beach

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Diamond Beach Nusa Penida is another beach in Nasa Penida island. Just like its name, this beach is like a diamond. It’s because this beach is newly opened for public. However, the beautiful scene of turquoise water and white sand will mesmerize every eye. The view won’t let you down.

After arriving at Bali, just take local transport to go to the Nusa Penida island. This island offers many beautiful beaches where Diamond beach is one of them. Diamond beach as the untouched beach before has many things to explore. Below are some things you can find here.


There was no stairs nor access to this untouched beach before. As a consequence, the local community made stairs from the rock. These stairs are the only access to see the beautiful side of the beach. However, the visitors should be careful because sometimes it could be slippery.

The stairs are useful. Despite using it as access to the beach, it is also a good spot for taking a picture. From the stairs, the beauty of the beach can be the background of the photo. The visitors can see the whole part of the beach from the stairs.

Caves at Diamond Beach Nusa Penida

Go down to the beach from the stairs. There are many caves around the Diamond Beach Nusa Penida. Those caves give a different perspective of the Diamond beach view. Visit one cave then compare it with another. There is going to be a different view of Diamond beach.

Caves around Diamond beach Nusa Penida add the beauty of this beach. Moreover, the caves are purely from nature. They make the beach become more beautiful and romantic. No wonder local people call it Diamond beach with many cliffs in a diamond shape around it.


For all the seashell collectors, Diamond Beach Nusa Penida must be in your list. There are so many kinds of seashells here. Those are beautiful and worth collecting. Moreover, this beach has many more seashells than other beaches in Nusa Penida. They are lying on the white sand.

Turquoise Water

The color of the water in Diamond beach Nusa Penida is relaxing. The turquoise water shows how clean and still pure the water is. Thus, no wonder if the water usually becomes the background of every photo shoot. The beautiful color of the water attracts many eyes.

White Sand

Instead of the beautiful color of its water, Diamond beach also has white sand. It’s a complete combination of the water and the sand. In addition, the view mesmerize and spoil everyone seeing it. Furthermore, it’s also perfect for a photo shoot.

Kids are going to enjoy playing on this beach. They could build a palace or anything as they want with the sand. Moreover, white sand just gives a romantic view of the beach. Coming in here will only bring joy and relaxation. This beach packs the beauty in one site.

Those are a brief explanation about the wonderful and cool stuff in Diamond beach Nusa Penida. The beauty of this beach won’t let you down. Furthermore, it seems incomplete if visiting Bali without coming here.


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