Things To Know About Broken Beach Nusa Penida

Broken Beach Nusa Penida

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Bali is a fair trade for anything beautiful, especially with beaches. The islands worldly famous for the beautiful beach and ocean scenery. And not only just in the main island, but also the scattered islands around Bali. Just like the Broken Beach Nusa Penida which became one new favorite destination for the tourists now. So, here’s a list about this beach in detailing explanation:

  1. The New Belle from the Deities Islands

Bali is one of the top destinations in the world with thousands of tourist came every day, which known for the beautiful scenery and traditions. This is because almost every place has its own special thing that drawn people in there, like Broken Beach. Located in Nusa Penida, around 30 – 45 minutes from the main island, and Broken Beach Nusa Penida is gathering its personal fans.

  1. The Beach isn’t Broken

Some may wonder if Broken Beach in Nusa Penida is a broken and damaged beach. And to answer that, no. The beach doesn’t broken or damaged and as beautiful as it should be. It’s perfect with the magnificent rock formation, and sandy white beach. The water is crystal clear, and can still capture in the picture from above the cliff.

  1. Stunning Gateway

This beach is a picturesque scenery that out right of a movie. It’s gorgeous and being in the place will make us mutter a thank you for The Big Man Above. The gradation from green turned to blue water is simply breathtaking. Also, with the minimum manmade hut around the area, make the beach feels like a secret place. The eagle view picture of this beach looks like a big natural sea water pool.

  1. Reason behind Its Name

The name of Broken Beach came from the translation of how local called this beach. Pantai Ugg, pantai means beach in the local tongue and ugg means broken or damaged. Thus, the international tourist called the beach as Broken Beach Nusa Penida. The reason behind this name is because of the arch-like in the rock formation around this beach. At a glance, this arch-like is like a hole in the wall, which made it looks like broken.

  1. Hidden Treasure

For ocean lovers, the beach may become another favorite spot. The reason is that if lucky, you can meet with the manta ray. The water in around the island is this giant fish route. Also on most occasions, while simply lounging on the cliff or beach, you can spot macaques from the trees around.

  1. The Place for Natural Photographic

The Broken Beach is sure a favorite spot for the nature photographer. The reason is because every corner has no dead angle and will turn out beautiful in front of the lens. From the sandy beach until the dark cliff surrounding the area, nothing will come bad. With the nowadays trend to display good pictures through Instagram, this beach will not make you turn your nose to.

To come to Broken Beach Nusa Penida, you have to take boat or ship from the main island. Then continue the journey with motorbike or car for more or less one and half hours to the southwestern side of Nusa Penida island. Don’t afraid for the accommodation, because there are small resorts near the beach. And also, the locals open up food and drink stalls.



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