Gamat Bay, Another Option For Your Underwater Experience In Bali


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Nusa Penida Explorer – If you visit Bali, then you don’t want to miss to witness the underwater life. The surrounding water of the islands is famous for its rich marine life from reefs until fishes. There are some favorite spots scattered around, and one of them is Gamat Bay. This bay is close with Toyapakeh Port and located in between the port and Crystal Bay.’

Marine Creatures at Gamat Bay

Most of all the floor bed in Gamat Bay covered with sand with some patches of coral reefs sprouting here and there. Not only that, but the place the habitat for the surgeonfish, unicornfish, and grouper. And also, the small caves around the place are providing the place for the white-tipped shark to rest and some turtle.  This place is also famous for the route of mola-mola fish and manta ray.


To reach the bay, you can come directly from Sanur utilizing a boat. This route is shorter, which only takes around 30 minutes then you can enjoy the bay to your fullest. Another option is to use the ferry to Toyapakeh Port, and then from the port, you can take a car or motorbike for 30 minutes road trip.

List of Activities to Do at Gamat Bay

Coming to Gamat Bay is a good choice, as the place still has its natural vibe. It’s less developed than the other destination in Bali main-island but no less beautiful. Here are some activities to occupy your while at the place:

1. Scuba Diving

This diving site is less famous than others, thus made it less crowded with tourist. That way, you can dive to your content. The problem is, to do scuba diving here at least you have to be certified diver. Because of the torrent would hard for an amateur. But at the same time coming here is a treat, because untouched beauty that lies under the water is indescribable.


2. Snorkeling

Want to take a dive but don’t want to carry around the oxygen tank, then you should try to snorkel. The water is crystal clear, and you can still watch the wonder of sea-life even if you only dive on the surface. For an amateur diver, it’s better to snorkel than dive in this place. The reason is that the current in this water is relatively heavy.

3. Beach Leisure

If you don’t want to task yourself to dive into the water, then you can leisurely enjoy the beach. Either you can take a swim at the brink of the water or enjoy the scenery on the beach, it’s your pick. Even sunbathing in this place can take your mind off from any heavy thoughts. Moreover, the not-so-popular bay condition can be your advantage. That way, the place will be less crowded, and you can enjoy the beach more with your loved ones.

Gamat Bay is at the west side of Nusa Penida Island, which make it a good place for some sunset viewing. Not only that, but you can stretch your experience here by camping on the beach and spending the night here. Stargazing from the beach is another way to get a full beach experience. And with the less visitor condition this bay has, you can take it as your benefit.


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