How To Go And What To See In Manta Point Nusa Penida

Manta Point Nusa Penida

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An interesting point of Nusa Penida is the existence of a sea creature called Manta. This is a kind of rays which is difficult to find in another place. Here in Manta point Nusa Penida everyone can see them personally through snorkeling activity. Here is an explanation of how to go to Manta Point, and what tourists can see there.

How To Go To Manta Point Nusa Penida From Bali

Manta point is in the southern part of the island of Nusa Penida. Even though the island is small, tourists must prepare themselves for a journey that is not easy. Here are some steps to reach the manta point Nusa Penida.

1. Go to Sanur

Sanur not only offers the beauty of a Bali beach. But here tourists can get access to Nusa Penida. On this beach, there are ships that are ready to take tourists across the island.


2. Take Fast Boat

After reaching Sanur, buy a speed boat ticket available there. There is no dock or bridge into the sea, so tourists have to walk down the coast to the ship. Use comfortable footwear and bring extra clothes to anticipate discomfort due to wet clothing.

Travel by boat takes around 30 or 40 minutes at normal speed. Ships can sail from morning to evening. So if you plan to return to Bali on the same day, buy a round-trip ticket to save time queuing up.

3. Motor Ride To Manta Point

Because of the rarity of public transportation in Nusa Penida, it will be much easier and more efficient if tourists drive their own vehicles. The motorcycle is one of the right choices to have a trip along the island. Because this vehicle is easier to control and can pass through a damaged or narrow road.


What Tourist Can See In Manta Point

The struggle for Manta Point is indeed tiring. But many things can be found here and not elsewhere. Here are some interesting things here.

1. Beautiful Beach

The beach here is very special because it looks very big and wide. The tip of this beach is on another continent that is associated with the Indian Ocean. The color of the clear blue sea water, with amazing underwater scenery, is the right treatment for visitors who want to see the exotic tropical island.

2. Manta Rays

This animal is now very rare. On this beach, tourists can see it directly. Tourist can do snorkeling activity that can be done even without experience at all. This exotic sea creature that can measure up to 3 meters can be seen closely.

These animals are quite friendly and harmless as long as visitors do not interfere. Gently swimming nearby will not make this animal feel disturbed. The Manta point Nusa Penida will not be fully enjoyed without meeting these unique animals.

3. Another Incredible View

By doing snorkeling, tourists can enjoy the view from the other side of the sea, which is from under the sea. Coral reefs, marine animals, and colorful small fish can be seen as freely as possible. Tourists can also capture the moment using a waterproof camera. Or a cellphone that is protected by a special waterproof coating.


Manta point Nusa Penida offers a different view and vacation experience from other places. A small adventure using a boat, and travel along the island will add happiness of tourists. This is because the beauty obtained at the end of a heavy trip has a higher value than an easy and fast trip.


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