Seganing Waterfall, The Secret Place From Southwest Of Nusa Penida Island

Seganing Waterfall

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When we talk about Bali, the first things we relate are islands, nature, and culture. The reason is that these paradise islands have all those three.

And cross over from the main island, you’ll find more of these in the small islands around. Just like Seganing Waterfall that you can find in Nusa Penida Island, a small island around 30 – 40 minutes from Sanur.


Not Your Usual Waterfall

Different from the usual waterfall where you have to explore the deep of forest or hike the mountain, Seganing Waterfall located right by the sea.

This waterfall is an end of a small stream, where you will witness the encounter of freshwater with the sea. Although to reach the place you have to put some extra effort, you will get a beautiful reward.


What to Expect at Seganing Waterfall

Looking around the place, you will know that the local frequently visit Seganing Waterfall. Aside from the four small shrines right by the stream, but there are also two natural baths.

The local divide them to use by gender, one for men and one for women. Here’s what to expect when you’re planning to visit the place:

1. You have to be Fit

First thing first, you have to be fit, which means, your body condition and your health allow you to get into this activity.

The reason is that the waterfall located below the cliff. You have to descend the cliff on a primitive stairs by the cliff wall with 90-degree slope. Not to mention, it takes more or less 30 minutes to trek on 200 meters down the narrow steps.

2. Comfortable Clothes and Training Shoes

To do this particular activity, make sure to wear comfortable clothes. It’s very much physical, so you have to wear something that enables you to move around.

Not only that, but ensure you wear your pair of training shoes or that mountain sandal. The path is steep and narrow, and there’s only minimum safety railing from bamboo courtesy of the locals.

3. Best Feat is Trekking Down to the Waterfall

While descending the cliff wall, you will witness the magnificent view of the ocean. Along the way, you will think that The Big Hand Above did put extra care when creating the place.

Some who come here believe, the best attraction of the place is the climb (down and up) activity. The reason is none other the sensation and scenery that lies upon your eyes.

4. Unpolished Beauty from Nusa Penida

Many said that coming to this place was coincidental. People only wander around in the southwest side of Nusa Penida and accidentally saw the sign and decided to give it a go.

And once reached the place, no one regrets their decision, because discovering the place feels like discovering a secret-heaven. The road leads to the place is unpaved and also the unmaintained stairs by the cliff.

Located at Bunga Mekar Village, this waterfall is close to the famous Kelingking Beach. The locals utilize this Seganing Waterfall for their meditation place.

The reason is that the place is so secluded, and being there feels like separated from the outside world. And if you decide to give this place a try, please do it when the sun’s up and back before dark.

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