5 Things About Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida You Should Know

Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida

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Become on the top spot of world’s top destination, Bali is at everyone wish list. The islands placed at the south side of Indonesian archipelago facing the fierce of Indo Ocean. With the exceptional beauty, Bali offers many attractions, from nature until culture. And from all those destinations, one famous place is Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida.


This secluded beach is hard to reach and almost always in everyone list who come to Nusa Penida Island. Located on the southwest side of the island, and the beach sits right under a hill. Here are some things to know about Kelingking Beach:


The Secret Point

On the previous years, people come to Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida only to enjoy the view. The reason is that the beach located down the hill and there’s no access from above. To reach the beach, people have to come directly from the sea. Thus many think it too much hardship when watching the scenery is enough.

And there’s a special spot to watch Kelingking Beach scenery as a whole. People call it as Kelingking Secret Point, or just in short Secret Point. Although, it’s not a secret anymore, as many people have witnessed the magnificent view from this spot.


The Bamboo Rail

To come down to the beach, people have to descend from the top through the hills for more or less one hour. This path is steep and made from bamboo, leading down into the beach. You have to be careful, as the railing not well maintained. And also, there’s some spot at the railing with protruding rocks. This experience is not for everyone, and you have to be healthy and strong enough.


The Scenery vs the Beach Experience

Coming to Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida you have two choices, either stay at the top and watch the scenery or descend to the beach. From the top, you can enjoy the ocean view along with its jutting rock hill, and it’s a sight to see. On the other hand, when you brave enough to descend into the beach, it’s yours. The reason is that there are not many people willing to do it. You can also enter into the water and swim, as long as the tide is low.


Sunset Viewing

Kelingking Beach is among the top spot for sunset-gazing. You will find the sunset scene from Kelingking Secret Point stunning, which has the same point of view as Paluang Cliff. Thus watching the horizon shifts from blue to orange to golden red until it gets darker and darker is a feat. Many people witnessed the sunset from here. And one plus point, you don’t have to hike at all.


Developed, but Not Really

Talking about Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida, you can say the local self-help to maintain this place. There are minimum facilities for tourist, like the toilet and food stalls. At the same time, this place looks neglected with the unmaintained bamboo rail to descend to the beach. But maybe, this is the charm of the place, the rugged beauty from the southwest side of Nusa Penida.

To visit Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida, you only have to pay Rp 10 thousand and Rp 5 thousand for parking. They don’t accept any other currency, so prepare the Indonesian rupiahs ahead before coming. One tip about the best time to visit is avoiding the rainy season because the place will be slippery. So, it’s better to reschedule if you happened to plan your journey in December until February.


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