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On Nusa Penida there are several natural springs. One of the biggest springs that has an attraction is the Guyangan Spring. This spring is located on the slope of a cliff with a large water discharge. This place is very attractive for visitors because as we all know that Nusa Penida Island is a barren hill area and it turns out that in this place there are natural springs as big as the Guyangan Springs. The view of Guyangan Springs is amazing and beautiful, but to reach the Guyangan Springs, visitors must walk down hundreds steps on the hillside first.

Guyangan Springs attractions can be the destination of your trip when visiting Nusa Penida, visitors can see the view of the open sea and coral cliffs towering with the waves that hit the reef. Guyangan Springs is managed by a local water company to be sent to the local community for daily needs such as bathing and drinking. Most of the flow of water to the sea is a natural waterfall that is no less beautiful. A water reservoir is also available for people who want to take a bath and swim to enjoy the freshness of this mountain spring.

The Charm Of The Beauty Of The Guyangan Spring

Guyangan Spring is located in the western part of Nusa Penida Island, precisely in Guyangan Hamlet, Batu Kandik Village, Nusa Penida Regency, Klungkung Population, Bali, precisely on the hillside. From the city center of the district, the distance is around 25 kilometers with a travel time of about 40 minutes.

When you reach the edge of the cliff, you can see how beautiful cliffs and the open blue sea of the Indian Ocean. The large gate on the cliff is the starting point for going to the center of the spring. To get to the location of the spring from the vehicle parking lot, visitors must walk down the stairs along the 500 meters. The stairs are quite steep and some even have a slope of 80 which will make you quite exhausted but for visitors. The length of the route is around 1 kilometer and the route is made winding to reduce slope. Although the stairs are equipped with safety but still thrilling because the ladder is attached to the cliff and right above the sea.

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